Nugget Rubber Mulch

Nugget Rubber Mulch is an excellent choice for landscaping and ground cover applications. It can also be used in playground areas. Our rubber nuggets are made from recycled whole tires. Before we color or bag at our facility, the rubber mulch is run through a series of magnets to remove metal and wire, and is 99% wire free.

Rubber Mulch nuggets are approximately 1 1/2 inches or smaller in size and look great in all applications.

Our Nugget Rubber Mulch is currently available in Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Blue and Green. We also sell Nugget Rubber Mulch in its natural black color, which contains a small amount of white accent color from the cushion fiber and sidewalls.

Our Nugget Rubber Mulch has a multitude of benefits not found in wood mulch.

Our Nugget Rubber Mulch . . .

  • Will not decompose, rot or decay like wood mulch
  • Will not float or blow away
  • Will not bleed when wet
  • Will not fade
  • Does not splinter like wood mulch
  • Does not attract bugs or wood destroying insects
  • Discourages weed growth
  • Will not stain your clothes or hands
  • Has a higher bulk density than wood mulch, and therefore requires less material per square foot than wood mulch
  • Is non-toxic
  • Does not absorb moisture like wood mulch. Instead rubber mulch allows water to flow directly to the soil below, thereby conserving water usage
  • Dries quickly thereby discouraging mold and algae growth
  • Is more cost effective as it does not have to be replaced year after year like wood mulch
  • Is 100% recycled rubber

Please contact us so we can assist you in determining the amount of nugget rubber mulch you will need for your particular project.