• Will not decompose, rot or decay like wood mulch
  • Will not float or blow away
  • Will not bleed when wet
  • Will not fade
  • Does not splinter like wood mulch
  • Does not attract bugs or wood destroying insects
  • Discourages weed growth
  • Will not stain your clothes or hands
  • Has a higher bulk density than wood mulch, and therefore requires less material per square foot than wood mulch
  • Is non-toxic
  • Does not absorb moisture like wood mulch. Instead rubber mulch allows water to flow directly to the soil below, thereby conserving water usage
  • Dries quickly thereby discouraging mold and algae growth
  • Is more cost effective as it does not have to be replaced year after year like wood mulch
  • Is 100% recycled rubber


Please contact us so we can assist you in determining the amount of rubber mulch you will need for your particular project.